Digital Rally for Philly Arts

**Thank You to Everyone Who Participated In and Supported The Digital Rally for Philly Arts – Documentation Above!
**Full Playlist of Videos Available Here!

Call To Action: Digital Rally for Philly Arts!

To The People of Philadelphia:

Grassroots arts and culture organizations throughout Philadelphia are calling upon YOU to show your support, share your story, and amplify the value of art by participating in a Digital Rally for Philly Arts on June 8 & 9, 2020! For a period of 24-hours over two-days, a livestream of testimonials, performances, music, dance, and more will be simulcast via the social media networks of Philadelphia arts organizations to oppose the defunding of arts and culture!

In Philadelphia – as we demand justice for, mourn, and protest the deaths of Black people at the hands of police; as protestors and communities come under attack from police violence; as the city develops its response to the pandemic and strife – essential services for the city, for public health, for the homeless, for education, and for arts and culture are under the threat of being cut or defunded in Philadelphia’s proposed 2021 budget.  The same budget proposal increases funding for the Philadelphia police by at least $14 million. 

We choose to wield the power of the arts to stand in solidarity, to speak as one, and advocate for a city budget that uplifts the people of Philadelphia!

#SavePhillyArtsAndCulture #DefundPPD 

Participation in the Digital Rally is open to all.  The voices of Black, Indigenous, and POC artists who wish to participate in this call to action right now, will be centered and amplified.  We offer our resources and platforms to share your statements.

How can art be used in this time to be a catalyst for social change? What examples of social justice and socially conscious art that raises awareness and speaks to the character of our nation would you want to share in this time?

By prioritizing the work of Black, Indigenous, and POC artists, we acknowledge the work that has already been and is currently being done in this regard, so please feel free to submit pre-existing works

Stay tuned – as this Digital Rally will be followed by an in-person rally in the days that follow!

Get Involved

Participate in the Digital Rally for Philly Arts in one or all of the following ways:

  • Submit a Pre-Recorded Video Testimonial or Performance that shares who you are and expresses your belief in the importance and power of art to transform lives, communities, cities! Take a look at this video for an example of testimonials already submitted. Record yours, download and sign this release form, and send video and form as an attachment to: (if your file is too large to submit via email, contact us and we will help you get the files to us)

  • Sign Up for a Block of Time to Livestream: individuals and households can sign up to go live during the rally. Sharing testimonials, artwork, or demonstrating the process of calling City Council are all some ways we suggest to participate and to register your opposition to the defunding of the arts! If you are an artist, photographer, painter, illustrator, actor, videographer, DJ, musician, dancer, or artist of any kind interested in going live for an extended period of time (15 minutes – hour), let us know! Please be mindful of sharing copyrighted content that could result in our Livestream being cut! Individuals Can Sign Up Here!

  • For Organizations: We encourage you to commit to four 15-minute slots or 1-hour of digitally protesting. This can be 4 resident artists or staff doing 15 minutes each of phone banking to City Hall, reciting a monologue or poem, dancing to music, or sharing the impact arts and culture in Philadelphia and beyond. Organizations Can Sign Up Here! 

  • Simulcast the Livestream: on the days of the Rally, share the livestream via your own social media networks by signing up here! Detailed instructions for simulcasting the livestream can be found on this PDF!

  • Hashtags to Use: #SavePhillyArtsAndCulture #DefundPPD #ArtIsEssential

Technical Questions? Email:

For Context

As you may have heard by now, the proposed budget for Philadelphia in 2021 completely eliminates funding for The Philadelphia Cultural Fund (PCF) and The Office of Arts, Culture and Economy (OAACE), which also provides considerable general operating support to The African American Museum in Philadelphia. The proposed budget would increase Philadelphia Police Department funding by at least $14 million while cutting funding for public health, for education, for homeless services, for parks, and for arts and culture. We want to make it clear to the City Council and other decision-makers managing our city that a Philadelphia without arts and culture is not a Philadelphia we can accept. 

We need YOU to be a part of the collective action to SAVE PHILLY ARTS & CULTURE! 

Who We Are: A collective of Philadelphia Arts and Culture leaders. The Digital Rally for Philly Arts is conceived by Light Thief Productions, an independent film, theatre, and live event production company based in Philadelphia, with the support of  Power Street Theatre, a collective of multicultural and multidisciplinary artists based in West Kensington. Organizing support for the Digital Rally is offered by artists and organizers with Big Picture Alliance, Girls Rock Philly, Rock to the Future, Spiral Q, Theatre in the X, and Vox Populi Gallery.